"If at first you don't succeed....
you're not trying hard enough!"

"The bigger the risk....
the bigger the reward!"



Hello to you, my fellow gambler! I would like to introduce this website which I setup to help any lost souls surfing the internet in search of that elusive holy grail called:

"The Winning Strategy"

Eventually people stumble across a website like this, scroll up and down looking for the secret system that is going to make them millions in revenue so they can live like Dan Bilzerian.

When I setup this site I had come over from the dark side of such a search. I had spent countless hours, days and months researching statistics in football betting and in "Betfair's Exchange Games" system. I called this website aptly; notbettingfair.com

Why The Name?

Not Betting Fair is a true representation of how the betting world works. Bookmakers are not fair in their approach to gambling ensuring that the advantage is on their side.

The flip side to this is our approach. We will also need the same approach to gambling as the bookmakers, by finding the advantage and capitalising on it. By doing that, we too will be "not betting fair".

What's Here For You?

My hope is that I can offer some assistance about gambling and systems to you before you carry on surfing. I have some strategies that can hopefully make some people money. Not everyone is cut out for gambling, certainly not as a living.

This website could save you hours of searching for answers. I want to give you tips and knowledge that can help you turn your dream of being a professional gambler into reality and more importantly, stop you losing thousands of pounds!

"Wanting to travel to the four corners of the world is okay, so long as they exist!"

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